Our Services - AeroFab Inc.

Automated Machinery Components

AeroFab Aerofab will do flat layouts, laser cutting, form and weld per customer's drawings, while holding and maintaining the closest tolerances required by the customer.

From brackets, covers, guards, conveyors, handles, chutes, panels, guides, shrouds, frames, pans, flanges, and mounts, Aerofab will laser cut, fabricate, weld, and finish to your specifications.

Food Processing

AeroFab Aerofab will assist you in CAD design and flat layout. Per customer application we can do fabrication, welding, and weld finishing with steel or stainless steel to USDA specifications. We are able to do light assembly and crate for shipping anywhere in the world.


AeroFab Aerofab has the latest in CAD design capibilities. We can work with interior design and exterior upgrades, signage and stainless steel projects, park benches, railings, fences and just about anything for your interior and exterior needs.

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Equipment List

  • Han Kwang Echo111 4000 watt laser, 80” x 158”
  • Mazak STX 45 1500 watt laser, 48" x 96"
  • Accupress Shear 12' x 1/4"
  • Accupress Brake 350 ton, 14’
  • Accupress Brake 250 ton, 12'
  • Accupress Brake 175 ton, 8’
  • Accupress Brake 120 ton, 6'
  • 10” Roundo Plate Roll, 1/2" x 96”
  • 5" Heller Plate Roll, 1/4" x 60"
  • 3" Heller Roll 14 Gauge, 48"
  • 12" & 36" Light Gauge Hand Roll
  • 30 Ton Whitney Power Punch
  • 9" x 9" Notcher 1/4 " Capacity
  • Hyd Mech Horizontal Band Saw 16” x 30” Capacity w/miter, Autofeed CNC
  • 8' G&H Straightliner-Stroke Sander
  • Hand Held Plasma Cutter
  • Tig and Mig Welding Machines
  • Milltronics Vertical Mill MB20
  • Lathe
  • Drill Press and Radial Arm Drill
  • Magnetic Base Drill
  • Grinders and Sanders w/ variety of media for finishing
  • Clamps, tools, and safety equipment to support fabrication and welding
  • Access to Waterjet Cutting Technology
  • All equipment is modern, in excellent condition with much tooling.
  • Experienced personnel in-shop w/ nearly unlimited capabilities to build your product
  • 46,880 Square Foot Shop
  • Overhead Crane with 30’ Height